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~ About Woodlake ~
The Woodlake Condominiums are located on Woodlake Drive off Yulupa Avenue in Bennett Valley within walking distance to two shopping centers (Annadel and Safeway). There are a total of 94 units. Located near the entrance to Woodlake is a clubhouse, main pool, spa, sauna, on-site office and guest cottages. There are two additional pools located behind the 2900 building and the 1400 building.
The condominiums consist of one and two bedroom units in three types of buildings: duplex, townhouse style, and eight-plexes. Floor plans are located on the left side of the page.

~ What's New! ~
This is the pail that each unit can have to use for kitchen scraps which can then be emptied into the compost bin. And, if you have plant clippings from your unit, patio or pots, this can also be place in the compost bins.
At this time there are 3 bins in the following locations
401-02 by the garages and recycle dumpster
2500 by the dumpster enclosure
Tachevah gate (behind garage) by recycle dumpster
If you were not at the presentation on composting by Recology and would like a pail - contact Management.
                              SoCo ALERT!
What is SoCoAlert and why is it important to me?
SoCoAlert is a free emergency notification service that provides Sonoma County first responders the ability to notify residents and businesses by telephone, mobile phone, text message, email, and social media regarding time-sensitive emergency notifications.
When will SoCoAlert be used?
Any message regarding the safety, property, or welfare of the community will be sent using SoCoAlert.  These may include evacuation notifications, shelter in place, boil water advisories, tsunami warnings, and flood warnings.  
Does SoCoAlert already have my phone number or do I need to sign up to receive SoCoAlert notifications?
No resident should assume their information is in the system. Visit SoCoAlert.com to register online. If you prefer to register by phone, call (866) 939-0911 and speak to a communications specialist to complete your registration.
If the fire alarm goes off in your building, call the Fire Department immediately. Even if there is no fire, they are required to silence the alarm. In addition, please do not use the pull station for the alarm - this will not silence the bell and creates a problem when resetting the system.
Personal items, such as chairs, hoses, etc., are not to be left in the common area. The Board is enforcing the CC&RS with regards to these violations. A resident may bring chair(s) out and sit in the common area; however, chair(s) must not be left out when not in use. Please keep your chair(s) and other personal items inside your patio or on your balcony.
COMMITTEES:  There are now 3 committees:  Landscape, Architectural Review, and Water Conservation. If you are interested in joining any of these committees, please contact Management.

~ Notes from the Board ~
Smoking is prohibited in the common areas, including the pools, parking areas and lawns. In addition, smoking is not permitted in patios or on balconies - or inside units.  Please go out to Yulupa if you need to smoke!
HELP CONSERVE WATER:  Go to the following website sponsored by the Sonoma and Marin water utilities:
Just following a few steps, such as:  not running the dishwasher unless full, not leaving the water running when rinsing dishes, turning off the water while brushing teeth, washing only full loads of laundry, and shortening your showers by 2 minutes can make a big difference. Check out the site for other tips.
Barbecues: The California Fire Code prohibits barbecues (gas or charcoal briquets) on decks constructed of wood or other flammable products. This applies to patios areas as well. All barbecues must be 10 feet away from the building. The Fire Code does permit electric barbecues, or small gas barbecues if the gas tank is 1 pound. Please comply and keep everyone safe!

~ Clubhouse & Cottage Info ~
The clubhouse at Woodlake has a full kitchen, fireplace, two tables with 8 chairs, two sofas and bench seating. Windows look out onto the lakes and the pool area. The cost to rent the clubhouse is $50 for an entire day and evening, plus an additional $50 for cleaning. The Fire Department permits a total of 45 people for an event. It should also be noted that the rental of the clubhouse does not include use of the pool area. In addition, the clubhouse is only to be used for social events and not commercial/sales activities.
There are three guest cottages at Woodlake which are located inside the main pool area. Two of the cottages have a queen bed, sofa and table and chairs. One cottage has two double beds. All of the cottages have a microwave and mini refrigerator. The cottages rent for $55 per night plus a $30 cleaning charge. There is now free Wi-Fi for guests!
To make a reservation and/or to check availability for the cottages or the clubhouse, please contact Management either by phone or email.

You must fill out the Architectural Request Form and submit to the Board for approval.
            1.         Type:  The door can be a standard screen door or a security screen door.
            2.         Color:  The color of the door must be black or dark bronze.
            3.         Attachment:  The door must be attached to the doorframe so that when the door   is closed, the front of the screen door is flush with the outer edge of the door trim.
            4.         No retrofitting of existing screen doors will be required. (Note:  The Board may offer painting of light colored doors when that building is painted.)
Decorative hanging items: Please note that only 2 items - a decorative item or a plant - may be hung in the balcony or patio area. Nothing shall be attached to the siding. Any hanging items must be attached to the wood trim.
Changes to the exterior of a unit, building or common area require approval of the Board of Directors. In other words, prior to beginning any work that might impact the common area, or the exterior of a fence or buildings, you must submit a request form (available on left side panel).
Examples of projects subject to Architectural Control approval include:
           Satellite Dishes
           Replacement of windows or doors
           Plantings & decorative items in common area
           Air-conditioning units
           Exterior wiring or conduit
            Exterior lighting
The above examples do NOT constitute a comprehensive list of projects requiring advance approval by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors must receive a detailed description of the project in writing before it will consider granting approval.

If you make modifications without approval, the Board will require that the modification either be corrected to meet approval or  be removed.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Management.

No Events at this time.

~ Board of Directors ~
The Board of Directors for 2022 are as follows:
President:                    Bill Schoemann
Vice-President:             Gerrit Blom
Treasurer                     Mike Siegel
Secretary                     Chris Lopin
Director                       Christy Basile

~ Contact Information ~
Management:  Focus Real Estate & Inv., Inc.
                        Tammy Holmes
Address:          3936 Mayette Ave.
                        Santa Rosa, CA 95405
Phone:             544-9443 x103
Email:               tammy@focus-re.com
For after business hours emergencies call:
544-9443  x123 - Leave your name and phone number and Management will be paged and return the call to assist you.

~ Online HOA Dues Payment ~
There are several ways to pay your homeowner dues -
You can make an dues payment online by following the steps below.
          (Just click on this link.)
2.  You can either register or make a payment as a guest.
3.  You will need your account number (the account number is on the coupon that you received, or call Charie in accounting (707-544-9443 x101). 
4.  Another option is to have your dues automatically deducted each month (ACH). Call the number above and we can either email or mail you the form.
5.  If you wish to use your own bank's online bill payment system, make sure you put the account number on the check and mail to the address on the coupon.

~ Board Meetings at Woodlake ~
The Board of Director Meetings are normally held on the first Tuesday of each month (except for December) at the clubhouse at 6 p.m. Each month the meeting date will be noted below and the agenda is posted on the left panel of this page.
Open Forum of the meeting provides an opportunity for residents to ask questions, and make suggestions or express concerns. The Board has now opened this portion of the meeting to tenants as well as owners to encourage a greater sense of community. Tenants shall leave when the business portion of the meeting commences.


Woodlake Condominiums Landscape Committee Mission Statement




1.  Move toward a more fire resistant landscape.

       *Encourage replacement of highly flammable shrubs next to buildings.

            *Retain Sprinkler system close to buildings.


2.  Move toward a more drought resistant landscape.

            *New plantings should be tolerant of both winter rains and summer drought.

            *Irrigation systems should not be expanded.


3.  Promote a landscape that can be adequately tended by a landscape maintenance service the association can afford.

       *Avoid shrubs that require elaborate pruning or that rapidly outgrow their boundaries.

            *Choose ground covers that will adequately choke out weeds.

            *Avoid plants that require extensive dead heading.


4.  Retain a continuity and unity to the landscape throughout Woodlake; i.e., avoid a hodgepodge effect.

            *Maintain a list of approved plants.

            *Identify plants already in the landscape that meet our

new criteria and include them on the approved plant list.

            *Identify unifying elements that tie the landscape together as a whole. Retain and/or expand those elements. If they are to be removed, (ivy e.g.), avoid doing it in a piecemeal fashion and replace it with a planting that fulfills the same unifying function.

            *When mulch is used color should be as uniform as possible.




DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOOR UNLOCKED - even for a few minutes to run out to the car! Also - keep windows locked when you leave the house.  And keep your car locked too! Do not leave items in your car (especially if they can be seen by looking in the window) - the same applies to your unit. Please review the column on this page - Security Notice and report any suspicious activity or suspicious people.
PLEASE BE AWARE!:  Residents have had items stolen from their vehicles. REMEMBER to lock your vehicle and do not leave visible items anywhere in your vehicle that can be seen through the windows! There have also been reports of homeless and/or unfamiliar people wandering around the complex.
If you see any suspicious activity - please call the Police Department and provide a description of the person. Let's keep our neighborhood safe!
If you are the victim of a crime - please report it! You can either go online or make a report in person at the Police Department. (If you make the report online there is a small fee for a copy of the report. If you go in person, you can get a copy of the report free at that time.)
go to https://srcity.org/529/Report-a-Crime
Please report a crime - it assists the police in tracking of criminal behavior and may increase any random patrols by the police through our neighborhood.


Click on the link below to read the attached brochure on Neighborhood Watch, and find out what you can do to make Woodlake a safer neighborhood.